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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bling Thing: The Ah Ring

Raise your right pinkie ladies!
Ok Beyonce. It seems he didn't like it, so he didn't put a ring on it. We've been here before right ladies? Meanwhile our girlfriends across town are popping up with the bling and adding to our 27 Dresses that we will never wear again. So what should us sexy stylish singles to do? Well, we throw on our Louboutins and press on. We're not the type to mope. But, yes, as we sit around the table and all the sparkle from everyone's ring finger gets stuck in our eyes as we sip our wine and smile (and they're secretly setting us up as if we're charity cases), it couldn't hurt to have something to shine back in their faces. Enter the Ah Ring. And yes, it does make you go a good way. It's genius! The Ah Ring is the first and only ring specifically designed for single ladies. It's a modern 14K white gold band that features eleven round full-cut diamonds (totaling .21 points) that was designed to accommodate your most neglected finger, your pinkie. And we're in good company dolls, celeb singles like Oprah, Tyra, Anne Hathaway, Serena Williams, and Teri Hatcher rock their Ah Rings proudly. Can our engaged girlfriends say the same? We've all heard of the right hand rings, but this is a ring to raise your pinkies to. As we walk down that aisle, to shop for bridal gifts that is, we can look at our Ah Ring and celebrate that we're Available (A) and happy (h) as the cute sales guy reaches for that Keurig coffee maker we can check off the registry. We may not have the guy dolls, but we still have the bling! And we didn't need the guy to get it for us, plus we still have money left over for that fab sample sale and a mani (your nails have to be polished to wear diamonds). Finally a diamond we can call all our own!
The Ah Ring. $350.

The Ah Ring. $350. Divine Diamonds.

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  1. Great post (and love the accompanying photograph!).