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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fancy Scribbles: Parker Pen is fave for Shark Tank co-star

Daymond John, CEO of FUBU
Parker Premier
Black Lacquer

My recent new TV obsession is Shark Tank. I just jumped on board because I kept hearing everyone talk about it and decided it was time for me to watch. While I am not consistent, I am a fan (when I do watch). So when I got an email from my PR friend telling me that Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and co-star of Shark Tank signs his deals with Parker Pens, specifically the Premier Black Lacquer GT just know I had to jump in. First, I am a fan of Daymond, and second I remember having a Parker pen in High School and not really understanding it's clout at the time (but mine wasn't anything too fancy - and if you ask me where it is now, I have no clue). Now I can definitely appreciate it, as I am picky about my pens. Well, Daymond said he inks his lucrative investment deals with a “sexy Parker Pen writing instrument.” A pen has to be good if it is worth a mention. So what's so special about this model? It is available in four finishes and three modes (ballpoint, rollerball and fountain). Parker Premier also combines three manufacturing techniques – lacquering, chiseling and plating – into a single, modern design. Some other features include that it is created from more than 20 components and 30 separate parts, and is given four coats of  deep gloss black lacquer with 23K gold plated trims. All to create a classic, sophisticated look. The balance of design, precious materials and Parker’s excellent writing technology offer unbeatable comfort and perfect ink flow for anything you're jotting down or putting your John (Jane) Hancock to. So, to my surprise one showed up to my door! And when I mean to my door, I don't mean in a mailbox...actually hand delivered to my door. Fancy huh? And I live in Brooklyn, so there are no messenger services over here like in Manhattan. My Parker Pen came in a nicely wrapped gift bag and inside was my pen. My PR friend is a total rockstar!!! (Thanks T!!!!!) He totally made my day. It may not be the same model as Daymond's, but a Parker pen is a Parker pen. [Update: it is the same model as Daymond's.] You can't lose with any of the models you get. I'm in love with this pen! It writes so smooth and I do feel fancier (you know how little details can do that to you). Now I can't wait to ink some deals myself.

Get to know Parker and pick out a pen for you to write your own story! Parker pens and pencils.


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