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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Edition: Photoshoot Fresh Series - Spring Cleaning

Me rockin' the Spring look.
Photoshoot fresh Reggie is back! And just in time to spring clean you chaps in the wardrobe dept. It's spring time and summer is not far behind, but that doesn't mean the new dress code is white linen pants, Ralph Lauren shirts and Sperry topsiders. (Well, not yet.) And while rappers like Jay-Z, Drake, and new artists like ASAP Rocky may make it seem like black may be your only color option - hence the classic phrase "all black everything" - (which is also a lifestyle now...
from cars to watches as well as home decor), you don't want to be blindsided and forget about color.
"All black everything."

Christopher Kane
Part of the black is not everything movement are a ton of design houses that brought the color of Spring on the male runways. Labels like D&G used vintage Hermes-esque like printed silk textiles, with strong amounts of color in their men's collection. Other designers such as Christopher Kane offered a very futuristic collection that used prints of engine parts and computer wire.

Now the "Photoshoot fresh" magic is finding a little of both, and giving that little twist of personality that only you can do. Whether you wear Rick Owens head-to-toe or look like you're right out of South beach, style is what you make it. Some great ways to mix looks are to mix dressy with casual, like wearing a suit pant rolled up with tank top and chuck tailor shoes. Another alternative is a black blazer with some bright color jeans and a vintage rock tee. Now, my personal favorite is adding an accessory like a great scarf (you know me), cool pin, and the always in demand vintage Jordan sneakers. Last but not least, please don't forget my all season must have, black Raybans.

So on that note, time to order my black mojito at The Beverly Hills Hotel (I am west coast after all).
Try to dress with no stress!

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