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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Socialite-ing: Glamazon Diaries Fashion Week Media Retreat

As you know, I am way behind in blog posts. I'm sorry I've been so neglectful. Work has me, in Kanye's words, cray. But I have some time and I have to tell you about all of the events I have been attending (and some I wanted to attend but couldn't). First up, and you're going to shake your head when you see how long ago it was, is The Glamazon Diaries Fashion Week Media Retreat. It was held on the last day of fashion week at (my fave new hot spot) The Bowery House and it was hosted by fellow blogtress Makeda of The Glamazon Diaries. The retreat was for fellow bloggers, editors, stylists, and fashion enthusiasts to relax, unwind, and chat about fashion week with each other. It was so nice to meet everyone that was there and put faces to the names I follow. So what did I enjoy? Omg! There was Skinny Water (which I seriously love), Popcorners (I am a sea salt flavor addict), treats by this amazing chef Katrina Cunning, champagne from Chandon, and my fave white wine Nine Walks Wine (if you are a sweeter white wine drinker, then you have to try their Sauvignon Blanc). Yes, I indulged myself on food and drinks. It was a good food, good drinks, good company, and good talk kind of time. And a party ain't a party until you leave with swag! I was able to score a major tote a la Funtote (usually not a fan of camouflage, but this won me over...not to mention all of the fab placed pockets) filled with goodies from Stone Savant Jewelry (my new everyday earring practically), NYX Cosmetics (really great lipglosses), a RumbaTime watch (that makes me a new fan of digital watches now!), highly addictive jellybeans from FudgeHim! (I had the Taken me for Pome-granted flavor), a gift-certificate from Mallory Musante Shoes (she handpaints every shoe), a bag of Popcorners, a bottle of Skinny Water, a bottle of Nine Walks Wine (yes, a bottle of wine!), a metal pen from Poppin (they have the cutest office accessories!!), a book from Nathan Seven Scott, eye masks from Eyedews (they help give your under eyes a makeover), AXE Anarchy for Her (for the guys it was Anarchy for Him. I usually wear parfum everyday, but this replaced my everyday parfum. And it does last.), and a mini mirror from Lexington Plastic Surgeons. The dolls walked away with a tote from Kmart Fashion and the kens with a Funtote tote bag, but when I got my bag all of the Kmart Fashion totes (which are a fashion week staple) were gone. I had a great time and can't wait for next season!

Me, beachside, with my Funtote bag and
Rumbatime watch. It was perf!

Fudge Him! jelly beans
NYX Lipgloss

Rumbatime watch

Stone Savant earrings

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