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Thursday, May 3, 2012

E-Heart: Ashton Kutcher is going World Wide for Love

The online dating world just got one more member. Ashton Kutcher is looking for all sorts of love in this video as he shows off his many alter egos. And no, you're not being Punk'd. Now they do say one out of every five people  find love on the internet, so I wonder which one in this video will find their match - will it be Raj, Darl, Swordfish, Nigel, or Ashton? Personally, I need all five guys to be combined into the perfect man for me...although Darl does hold a special place in my Chanel designer heart right now. And I might want to test Nigel to see if he really can tell if I have an innie or outie belly button. I'll admit, I am curious about that magical feather Swordfish has too. Ok, so it's obvious that you have to check out THE new dating site, Ashton's profile is up case you're curious.



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