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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fashion Fitness: ViewSPORT - Motivation Revealed

ViewSPORT. Women's "Unlimited Potential" tank.
$25. (front)
Recently, I attended Fitness Magazine's Blogger Tweet and Meet event that was held at the Met Pavilion in NYC. It was simply amazing! In the days that followed, I was tweeting about the event and @ViewSPORT reached out to me asking me if I liked mixing fashion and fitness. Well, what doll doesn't? I mean if we're going to work out we have to look good. It's top priority...besides exercising. [Although, I am so bad with not having real work out clothes, so I need to work on that.] Ok, back to ViewSPORT. Now when you learn about the company, you'll understand why I love their name. It totally makes sense. ViewSPORT is the brain child of Ben Wood. He developed sweat activated technology, meaning a design appears where you sweat. Pretty cool right? I mean it gives people something else to look at while you're sweatin' to the oldies (old reference I know). They have a collection for the guys, us dolls, and even kids. Each tank or tee has a catchy phrase on the front, and then on the back, when you start sweating, a complimentary phrase appears. Like the "Unlimited Potential" tank shown (above), it says that on the front, but when you sweat...
(back of Unlimited Potential tank)
it says "Chase Me" on the back. I mean who could resist that? And you don't have to spend a lot to look this creative. All of the tanks and tees (for men, women, and kids) are just $25. Not wallet-breaking at all.

Love it? Well shop ViewSPORT and grab a tank or tee that sweats to you!
Click: Shop ViewSPORT

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: All of my readers and followers were offered a special discount, thanks to ViewSPORT. Take 15% off of your order using code: Fashionisette.

KidzVIEW. "Water Balloon Champion". $25

Men's (front) tee. $25

(back of Men's tee)

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