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Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion High for Less: Louboutin vs. Go Jane

Christian Louboutin. Clou Noeud 150 Studded.
$1,195. Net-a-porter. SOLD OUT.
You know I love sole searching and coming up with a good deal. So my wallet cannot speak Louboutin yet (although it does speak at the Loubie sample sale. I'll save that for another post), but I remember when these Clou Noeud 150 Studded Slingbacks came out. They instantly topped my shoe dream I don't have any shoes that are edgy. Weird right? So I have to step my shoe-edge game up. Well, maybe I can now. I was checking out Go Jane (do you also shop there?) and came across these metallic studded bow platform slingbacks at a price that doesn't make me cringe. Plus, the Louboutin shoes are all sold out, so these will be the closest I can get to the original style (unless by some sort of shoe miracle this style makes its way to the sample sale). What do you think? Good match?

Go Jane. Metallic studded bow. $70.40.
Go Jane. Metallic studded bow platform. $70.40.

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