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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Glambergirl Alert: COLOR is a Girl's BFF

Hello Glamberous Ones,

On any given Thursday in New York City you could stumble across a fashion treasure and today I was able to attend a very colorful celebration of fashion, technology and hors d'oeuvres.

Rachel Shectman is the genius behind The 2000 square foot store STORY located at 144 Tenth Avenue (at 19th Street) in NYC is a store much like a fashion magazine that you can shop in with the theme changing every so often.

I spoke with Jason Cadbau, retail worker with, and he gave me all the details about how each story unfolds. "Well we change our store every four to eight weeks and after that process we redesign the entire layout and we change all the products for your viewing, so each four to eight weeks you get a brand new experience."

And an experience I got! I was IN love with all the colors in the store. Being that red is my favorite color naturally I flocked to that area of the store first. STORY is a one stop shop for almost everything! You can find super chic colored shoes, fancy iPad and iPhone covers, jewelery, clothing, books and so much more but since the 'color story' is nearing the end you may want to head over to STORY soon. To celebrate its last days in the 'color story' the store was filled with helpful experts to answer any questions about how STORY is ran with complimentary wine, soda, and Baked by Melissa cupcakes. I felt like I've died and went to glamberous heaven!

I tried to get Jason to spill on the upcoming 'story' but he was sworn to secrecy. "No that's under wraps right now but we keep our followers in the mix by having them join our mailing list." Well you heard the man! If you want to be in the loop about what happens next at the store be sure to head over to and join.

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