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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

J'adore: Designboom Pixel Eye Mask

StudioBo pixel sleeping eye masks. $24. Designboom
You know me and my eye masks. They're great for everyday use or if you're like me, better for jetsetting. Something about being on those planes and sliding down an eye mask to get some shut eye. I feel so fancy with an eye mask, like an old Hollywood celebrity. Is it just me? Ok well, I don't know how I came about Designboom (you know me and my random online shopping excursions), but I loved these pixel sleeping eye masks by StudioBo. They're definitely a conversation starter and show off your funny and creative side, in case that side needs to be seen. They're really $14, but with S&H, the total price is $24, which is still no bank breaker (fyi, they're from Thailand, so now you can say your sleeping eye masks are from overseas). Plus, there are other color combos you can choose you're colorblocking even in your sleep.

StudioBo pixel sleeping eye masks. $24.

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