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Friday, May 18, 2012

Thursday Love: [Friday Edition] Financial Struggle - Does it Impact Relationships?

Financial stress is the leading cause of divorce in the United States.

Ongoing financial stress can lead to diminished sexual desires in a relationship and decreased intimacy. The stress caused from ongoing financial problems can not only decrease desire for sexual activity, but can actually cause real biological issues such as temporary impotence in men, it can prevent women from achieving orgasm during sex and can cause infertility because of the the hormones levels that raise when stressed out can affect the hypothalamus which is responsible for reproductive hormones.

Once these other problems begin happening as a result of the financial stress, it creates stress in other areas of life...perpetuating a vicious cycle of stress.

This in turn leads to increased arguments in the home which go from a small disagreement to full-blown verbal warfare with hurtful insults being flung around like they're daily pleasantries. The decrease in happiness in the home can lead to increased alcohol use, drug use, or even gambling. These various coping mechanisms aren't effective and lead to more arguments and fights between the couple...with each person blaming the other for their financial woes. Which leads to a decrease in desire to even socialize together and eventually splits the family and their mutual friends in two groups each being pulled to take either person's side.

So how do we combat financial stress?

First and foremost we have to keep in mind that we can only take care of the things that our income allows us to care for. Is there really a reason in getting all worked up over things that are out of our control? Not in my opinion! Also, we all need to keep in mind that only the TOP 3% of the United States households make over $200,00 per year and only the TOP 0.1% of households in the United States make over $1.6M annually. While the average household income is $46,326 yet the cost of living continues to rise as if the average annual household income were actually $60,000+ and rising. If all that can be taken care of are you and your families necessities, then budget accordingly! Cut out the extras! I'm speaking from experience! I know it's easier said than done....but self denial is absolutely necessary when facing tough economic times.

In these troubled economic times when no one is TRULY financially secure....having and leaning on family and the relationships we've built is continuing to grow in importance every second of every day.

Words I try to live by: "Control the things you can control. Let everything else come at you, and if you must go down....GO DOWN WITH YOUR GUNS BLAZING!"

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