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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Too Cool for School: Hair Bow bans little girl from Photo

I had to tell you all this story, in case you hadn't heard. This little girl is just too cute. So here's her story across the pond a la Daily Mail. The Daily Mail printed a story about 4 y/o Marcella Marino who wanted to look like a princess for her school pictures. Well it seems little Marcella (love that name) was too stylish for her school because she was banned from taking her photo. Now how could anyone ban a face, a hairstyle, and a look like that? She looks too cute!!! I wish I had that style when I was 4. These kids today I tell ya. Marcella's dad is a hairdresser and turned his daughter's tresses into a bow (very Lady Gaga). But when she gets to school, she wasn't allowed to take her photo. A spokesperson for the school confirmed that hair bands and ribbons must be ‘made of dark colours’ such as maroon, navy blue or black and that hair braids are ‘not allowed’. Seems like the school needs a hair lesson. A hair bow is not a braid. And the school told her parents that she is not allowed to have her hair in a bow for photos or for just class. Such a shame. Well, I hope her love for style is not permanently stifled. And don't worry Marcella, the school might not have let you take your photo, but your photo has gone international on the web...even better!

Read the whole story here (and see Marcella's dad and her little sister too): Marcella and her hair bow.

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