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Saturday, August 25, 2012

On My Tele: Old Navy Commercials

If you're an 80's baby like moi, then you're probably loving all of the Old Navy commercials featuring (my hands down all-time favorite 90's TV show) the original cast of Beverly Hills, 90210. While I still watch the new 90210, it's just not the same. These commercials made more nostalgic than ever for a REAL West Bev High reunion! I thought the first one I saw with "Brandon" and "Andrea" were great, but when they brought back "Kelly" with (two guys I could never choose between either) "Brandon" and "Dylan", I died! Old Navy really got creative over the summer...and I wouldn't be an 80's baby if I didn't mention how I enjoyed the Blossom commercial, "whoa!" I am sure years from now, there will be a Gossip Girl Old Navy reunion. Can you imagine?

[P.S. Which team are you? Team Brandon or Team Dylan??]

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