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Friday, August 31, 2012

What I Want Now: April Marin City Ruffle Shawls

April Marin. City Ruffle Shawl. $89
A few weeks ago on facebook I saw this photo of amazing colored shawls and had to stop. April Marin is an amazing designer of not just shawls but of fabulous dresses and coats too!! I definitely need all of these shawls for Fall. And it's kind of hard to pick just one color, I need them all! I never really thought about shawls until my mom started sporting them years ago as a jacket/coat alternative. And now I am obsessed with the look over a pair of skinny jeans, boots, and a simple shirt or smooth turtleneck (with a handbag or oversized clutch, something you can carry in your hands). These new colors of the City Ruffle Shawls are set to debut next month.

Be sure to stop by the site to check out all of her designs and get a Fall shawl!

April Marin. City Ruffle Shawl. $89.

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