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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NYFW Beauty: Marc Jacobs S/S 13 "eyebrows"

Marc Jacobs spring 2013.
One of the collections that stood out to me so far (bear with me, I know I have been slow with my fashion week posts), was Marc Jacobs. I seriously loved his striped, Op Art, mod look that came down the runway. Clothes set aside, he also offered a strong beauty look - bold eyebrows. Who doesn't love a strong 60's-esque brow? I know I do! If you also want the look for the season, enter Sumita Beauty.

Define and sculpt your brows with the Sumita brow pencil. It won't smudge or smear and mimics eyebrow hair so it looks real (and not drawn on). Next, fill in any sparse areas and darken your brows with the brow duo powder. (I know that's something I could use. All that waxing can thin your eyebrows out.) Give your brows some contrast with the brow bright pencil. Highlight, accent, and illuminate your brows with this pencil. Finish up with the piece de brow resistence - brow set. This one-stop shop wax pencil holds brows in place so they never look unruly.

Sumita Beauty Brow Set.
Sumita Beauty: Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Powder, Brow Bright pencil, and Brow Set wax pencil. $11 each. Sumita Beauty - Brows

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