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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane "Sandy" Watch 2012

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Okay east coasters...we are all on alert for Sandy. It's a little scary and I am hoping it doesn't hit us too hard. I hope you are all stocked up and somewhere safe. I have my to-go bag ready, food and wine in the house, and if the power doesn't go out (which I am hoping does not happen) I have my DVR shows and On Demand videos cued up.

Here are some links for you to make sure you're in a safe zone and to keep up with all things Sandy in New York - keep up with all the latest alerts and news.
Hurricane Evacuation Finder: find out where to evacuate if needed and what zone you're in.
MTA Alert: get updated with transit information for the storm.
MarketWatch - What to pack?: get your "to-go" bags ready. how to prepare for a hurricane before, during, and after.
National Hurricane Center: keep track of Hurricane Sandy and her path.

If Hurricane Sandy does touchdown as powerful as it is being reported, I hope you all stay safe!


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