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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grab Bag: @Zara

I was looking at my fellow blogstress NYC on My Mind's site earlier today and spotted this killer (affordable) bag! Not to mention she's quite stylish and I adored the ensemble she wore this handbag. The bag is from ZARA. Sadly, I don't remember them when I want to shop and I'll see something someone has on or is carrying and they'll say it's from...Zara. So I cannot sleep on this store anymore!! I am missing out!!! And this piece of bag candy is so necessary, especially for us business dolls. And for the price, there's no hesitation. Plus, it is in this season's hottest color right now. Big enough to carry your essentials, without the look of bulk.

Bag with Metallic Clasp. $49.90. Zara. (shown in Bordeaux)

Oh, and did I mention, it also comes in black?


  1. Awww I do love that bag, since having a structured bag like a Celine or a Philip Lim is out of my budget this bag satiates my need. Thanks for visiting me for the inspiration..



  2. Exactly how I feel doll. It gives you everything you need and want in a bag without the hefty price tag. Thanks for intro'ing me to it. xo