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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hair for the Holidays: No hair follies with @Folica!

Alterna Caviar Moisture
Conditioner with Seasilk.
With the cold season and all of the holiday events that this month brings, sometimes our hair goes neglected...since if you're like me you're probably focusing on what to wear than hair care. Not sure if you're already up on where to go for all things hair, but Folica is THE spot to go to. I mean with a name like Folica, they have to know everything about our tresses. I'm talking over 60,000 fab hair products from over 300 famous brands. They're your one-stop hair shop. After shoes, hair is our most important accessory because it can also make or break your holiday ensemble too. Knowing this, Folica is offering a special promotion in December where everyone wins up to $50 to spend on hair styling products at From November 23rd to January 1st, you can cross great hair off your wish list when you enter to win a credit for hair products at Folica. 1 in every 100 wins a $50 credit to spend instantly on hair care. You win. Your hair wins. It's a win-win.

Alterna Caviar Repair
Rx Instant Recovery. $32.
So what would I get at Folica? Well, since I have been growing the chemicals out and trying my best to go natural, I need all the moisture my hair can get. While I was on the site, I started falling in love with the Alterna Caviar hair products. Not do they only talk about delivering ultimate hair care with strengthening properties, it also focuses on hair anti-aging. Who knew your hair ages? And did I also mention the products have caviar extract too?

What's on your hair wish list? With Folica, everyone wins great hair!

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