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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

J'adore: Babycakes Waffle Maker

Babycakes Waffle Maker. $29.99. The Babycakes Shop
If you don't receive Lucky Breaks Daily in your inbox, you are definitely missing out. Today's break was on the Babycakes Waffle Maker from The Babycakes Shop. This waffle maker makes 4 cute heart shaped waffles and comes with 50 wooden waffle sticks (so you can put the fork down), a measuring cup, and a metal shaker for adding powdered sugar. Plus, it's in this ultra girly pretty pink color. Kind of makes you want to make waffles right? Well, I ordered mine today and can't wait. The Babycakes Shop has some other really cool products too (like a cake pop maker, a cupcake maker, a waffle stick maker, and much more)! So go ahead and eat your heart out.

Babycakes Waffle Maker. $29.99. The Babycakes Shop.
[Get yours for just $15 by using the code LuckyDaily3 at checkout. This discount code lasts until 2/7/13 at 11a.m. or until supplies last.]

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