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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Socialite-ing: Spring Into Fresh Style Tweetup

Me loving some Chobani!
I cannot believe it has taken me this long to talk about a fab Wednesday night I shared with some fabulous fellow media dolls back in April. It was such a good time and I adore my doll Kimmie for inviting me!! It all started with a trip to Chobani Soho. I have been a long fan of Chobani yogurt and have passed by their store a few times, but never walked in. So I was glad I was able to stop in and discover a whole new world of yogurt I never knew existed. I tell ya, what we get in the grocery stores does not do the brand Chobani justice. I highly advise everyone to check them out and try their amazing combos. We got the special Chobani treatment and got to taste their delicious combinations for Spring. I don't know which flavor I loved most. I got to eat their Pistachio + Chocolate (Decadent Dark Chocolate, Clover Honey, Turkish Pistachios, Fresh Orange, and hint of Fresh Mint), Toasted Coconut + Pineapple (Refreshing Pineapple, Toasted Coconut Slivers, Turkish Hazelnuts, and Light Agave Nectar), and the real surpriser Cucumber + Olive Oil (Creamy Plain Chobani, Fresh Cucumber, Sea Salt, and sprinkled with Fresh Mint, served with Pita Chips). I would've never thought to put cucumber, olive oil, and sea salt in my yogurt but it was so good!!! All of us were able to take our faves home, so I could enjoy it with my feet up while watching my DVR shows and not feel guilty because it's yogurt.
Pistachio + Chocolate

Cucumber + Olive Oil with pita chips

Cucumber + Olive Oil

The row of delish combos
Super sweet Chobani staff

Wall of combos
Toasted coconut + pineapple

Already packaged

Chobani Flip is good too!

Putting the Chobani combos together

After indulging in yogurt it was off to Le Palais des Thes. This was the ultimate tea experience for me. Every now and then I like to switch up from the coffee and drink a cup of tea. But after being introduced to Le Palais des Thes, I have not been taking my tea drinking seriously. Le Palais des Thes is just that, offering a ton of teas for every sort of occasion and time of day. The ladies were so nice too! They answered all of our tea questions and let us learn all about their tea philosophy and the brand. These teas not only tasted great but smelled really good. They could easily replace potpourri. The company originated in Paris, has 38 boutiques, features teas from all around the world like in China, Paris, and India, and offers hundreds of varieties of black, oolong, green, and white teas. While learning about the teas, I also learned that some of the teas could be used for cooking to infuse meat or fish with a citrus or smoky flavor. Who knew? I would've never thought about that. You could even use some for cake baking too. Definitely time to get creative in the kitchen now. Plus, my tea world was opened with the accessories to enhance your tea drinking. If you're a tea drinker, then you absolutely must stop by Le Palais des Thes in Soho!

Disposable tea bag

You can categorize your teas by
how long they need to steep

At the bottom is the times

A type of mint tea

What the tea looks like

Wall of teas

I had such a great time with the ladies! And we all got above and beyond gift bags with Kimmie's Spring Essential products to try. I am obsessed with these items!! Thanks to Chobani Soho and Le Palais des Thes for a lovely night.

All of us ladies.
Fabulous gift bag!

The gift bag was amazing!! We all got a Cuddly Monkey tote (with this adorable citrus inside) filled with Scope Outlast mouthwash (I am a new fan of Scope now), Crest 3D White strips (which I live by), Sol Republic headphones (which I needed), Le Palais de Thes tea, Chobani spring water, Go Smart Stylus (now all I need is a tablet), O'Neill straw floppy hat, 2 Dove go sleeveless deoderants, and The Body Shop shower gel and lotion in Amazonian Wild Lily (of which I am obsessed with now). Major thanks to all of these fabulous brands for making sure we are ready for the season!

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