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Friday, September 6, 2013

Review Me: [Men's Edition - Guest Post] HYD For Men

Hey kens and dolls! We have a great guest post from my guy. Yep. My guy is guest posting on The Fashionisette for all you kens (and dolls who want to get the special ken in your life something). Thanks to iFabbo, he was able to try out and review HYD For Men shaving products. Check out his fab review below! xo
When one dates The Fashionisette herself you instantly get upgraded. I am experiencing this first hand, one of the many benefits of having her in my life is getting to try out new and exciting products. The downside of having her as my girl is being told  asked politely to write a review about these products. So although this is not a paid post; I am getting rewarded somehow. With that in mind, I got right to work when the items arrived at my doorstep.

For 15 years now, shaving my face has been part of my daily routine. It has also been a major source of frustration most of the time. Having very sensitive skin, shaving causes razor bumps. Therefore, when a product designed for shaving promises, “Skin so F#@king Soft”, Yea, it got my attention.   

The product I’m speaking of is HYD for MEN. iFabbo allows members to be a part of their product testing panels through their iFabbo shop. So when this item arrived, I could hardly wait for the next time to shave.
The package arrived with three items; Buffer Stick, Shave Cream, and Razor Shield. (Pictured, left to right)

 The Buffer Stick is designed to gently remove dead skin cells while fighting ingrown hairs. I followed the directions to clean my face first with water, wet the stick, and then move in a circular motion for 30-60 seconds across my face. I mentioned earlier that I have extremely sensitive skin so I was very nervous about using a microdermabrasion but after just one use I noticed instant results with no irritation. The Buffer Stick is easily my favorite of the three. It smells good, and it works.

I normally use Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin and I have no complaints. I’m a creature of habit so switching it up was difficult for me but I gave HYD’s Shave Cream a try. The first thing I noticed, much like the Buffer Stick was that it smelled awesome. The scent was fresh, clean and crisp, and it put my $2.99 Gillette Foamy cream to shame. Once I applied the cream to the desired area of my face it proved to live up to its claim of, being a soothing formula. My razor glided over my skin with little force. The cream didn’t clog up my razor I do think I used too much shaving cream the first time around. I was so use to using the cheap foamy cream.

Lastly, we have the Razor Shield, which creates a liquid barrier protecting you against having dull blades, which will save you money. I used the Razor Shield a couple of times and noticed a very small difference. Fortunately, HYD promises at least 90 uses out of the 15ml bottle so I will have plenty of time to evaluate the benefits.

Bottom line: HYD for Men lives up to its own hype.

Buffer Stick: $24.99
Shave Cream: $12.99
Razor Shield: $17.99
HYD for MEN:

For more information about iFabbo and member benefits visit:

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