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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fashion TV: Rubin Singer on Scandal

I am like 5 episodes behind in Scandal...please don't judge, even though I am judging myself...but it was hard for me to get away from Olivia Pope's gown. From the pics I saw she looked maj! If you don't know by now, the fierce black and cream sensation is from American designer Rubin Singer. I live! What I would do to make an entrance in a gown like that!! The gown can be bought at Neiman Marcus and Saks for...wait for it...$3,875. Is that all?? In case you don't walk around with that kind of pocket change...check out some gowns that are high impact for a lower budget. (Although, ain't nothing like the real thing baby.)
Rubin Singer

David Meister. Strapless Two-Tone Belted Gown.
$390. Neiman Marcus

JS Collection. Sleeveless
Colorblock Gown. $219. Macy's

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