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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gift Quickie: @Unmarx

shown in Kelly Green
With the gift-giving season here, you might still be scrambling on gifts to get. I am not sure how I came across Unmarx, but I am glad I did because I am always on the market for products that help protect my clothes from the everyday. Unmarx takes care of deodorant marks, pet hair, lint, dandruff, hair clippings, grass clippings, nail file residue, make-up powder, dried milk, napkin lint (how many times have I put those white napkins on my black ensembles and then been upset when I removed it to see all the white lint left behind), dried spit-up (perks for the moms), and so much more! It's a chemical-free mesh that easily wipes off those hard to remove marks. It's a great gift for you and for anyone who likes to keep their outfits marks-free. Plus it comes in a lot of stylish case an outfit should "accidentally" match your Unmarx.

Unmarx. $9.99.

shown in Berry

shown in red

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