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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

F.A.Q.s (Fashion and Questions): Interview with Ella Bing

The Rudyard Kipling Wood Bow Tie. $135. Ella Bing
A few weeks ago I was introduced to a pretty cool bow tie brand called Ella Bing. The company was started in the summer of 2012 due to a heartbreaking story, but makes Ella Bing such a heartwarming brand. The co-owner, Brent Kraus, lost his brother Matthew unexpectedly. A brother with a dapper style and a unique obsession to bow ties. To bring the family together during such a loss, Ella Bing was created and utilizes the family's individual skills and talents. Every bow tie and accessory is hand made and only produced in a limited quantity to make every piece special. They make everything from stylish fabric bow ties to an out of the ordinary but extraordinary wooden bow tie. There are so many cool styles to choose from that speaks to the dapper gent in you (or fashion forward doll). Plus the company donates 10% of every sale to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. As they say, "a bow tie might not save a life, but we hope that it can at least help someone in need." Don't you want to know more about such a company? Well, I was able to interview Brent to find out more about Ella Bing.

The Fashionisette: Who is the 'Ella Bing' man?
Brent Kraus: The 'Ella Bing' man is someone who demonstrates a dapper style. He exhibits a keen sense of self, he is neat and trim in appearance and places a certain amount of awareness into his attire. A man with preppy tendencies but at the same time is willing to push the boundaries of fashion slightly more than the average guy.

The Prescott Dandy. $40. Ella Bing
T.F.: What do you have in mind for upcoming collections?
B.K.: Spring 2014 line, we are focusing on traditional preppy materials and fabrics, such as seersucker and madras. But we are also thinking in a fashion forward mentality and incorporating many floral patterns, as it will be a huge trend for spring/summer 2014. As always we will concentrate most of our creativity on our wooden bow ties. But we are happy to introduce with our Spring collection, a whole line of handmade neckties, and handcrafted colored leather belts. Also we will be creating wood necktie clips and debuting cotton braces/suspenders during the summer of 2014.

T.F.: Oooh, that sounds exciting! Besides a wooden bow tie, which I love, are there any other non-traditional materials you're thinking of using?
The Spike Rocco Wood Bow Tie.
Price upon request. Ella Bing
B.K.: We are known for our wood bow ties. When we started Ella Bing it was never meant to occur like this, but it did. So at our core we are a wooden bow tie company. Going forward, as we always do, we try to incorporate wood into every product that we make. Our soon to be released leather belts will feature quality bison leather from Colorado. We are also looking at more exotic leathers such as Ostrich. We are also starting to work with dyed stabilized woods, for a much more exotic look.

T.F.: Exotic leathers and ostrich oh my. I can't wait. Do you think you will offer women's bow ties? 
The Pierce Addison. $40. Ella Bing
B.K.: We work often on creating custom bow ties specifically for women. But currently there is nothing in the works for an entire line of bow ties dedicated to women. With that said, our lapel flowers are extremely popular with women as are our men's cloth and wood bow ties. For the Summer of 2014 we do intend to dive into the women's market, we are tossing around concepts and ideas now.

T.F. Well, I definitely think a lot of your styles are unisex. But nice that you're tossing around concepts for us. Are there any celebrities that you would like to see wearing Ella Bing?
B.K.: We've worked with a few athletes and celebrities over the past few months. We are open to working with anyone who finds what we do interesting and shares the same passion for American made, handmade products as we do. Of course we'd love to have our product worn by A-list celebrities, but we feel the perfect spokesmen would be timeless men such as, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly or Robert Redford. But of course the ultimate would be none other than James Bond himself.

T.F.: Such classic gents. Would be cool to see you in a new James Bond movie. So what's next for Ella Bing? 
The Malory Archer. $40. Ella Bing
B.K.: We are currently working hard to finalize our 2014 spring line. We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to our wooden bow ties. As we are frequently designing and creating new and exciting wood bow ties for the site. In 2014 we are focusing much harder on our wholesale accounts, to grow that aspect of our business. With expansion past bow ties and into more men's accessories and eventually into the women's accessory market later this year, we hope to use the success of 2013 to spring board us into and past 2014. We feel it's very important, and at our core, [that] we are a handmade, American made company. And over the next five years, we want to keep it that way. Hiring local seamstress talent and working with local artisans to create an entire clothing line.

Thanks so much for the interview Brent! I am excited for the new things in store for Ella Bing.

To learn more about the brand and their collection of bow ties and accessories, visit:

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  1. Oh I love the The Pierce Addison, I would wear that one myself.