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Thursday, February 27, 2014

NFW: JUNGWON Fall 2014

First up during Nolcha Fashion Week for me was JUNGWON. This was June Sohn's second showing at Nolcha. She is known for her women's and men's raincoats and outerwear. I love her clean lines and effortlessness of her collections. Everything she designs is waterproof, windproof, and just downright weatherproof without the bulk that other outerwear brands can bring. You're everything functional while being stylish. And with the weather we have been having, we could definitely use something that can bear the NYC craziness while we commute to work. I really liked the detached hat that she designed for a couple of pieces. It looked like the hat should've been a hood, but I liked that it wasn't...that way you can wear the hat to compliment another jacket in your closet. Can't wait to see the designs she has for next Spring (which is the season we see the most rain).

Take a look at JUNGWON Fall 2014 collection...

Here is June Sohn, designer of JUNGWON, with her models during the runway finale walk...

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