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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Store Openings: Nordstrom Rack + T.J. Maxx

photo credit: Racked NY
Ok my fellow's happening! Nordstrom Rack and T.J. Maxx are opening on Fulton Street this Thursday, May 1st. I'm excited for the new locations because now I can just hop the train a few stops and do some damage, instead of driving to my Long Island spots. Although, I am sure I will still be going to Old Country Rd to get my fix from time to time. Well, both stores have some goodies in store for opening day. Nordstrom Rack will have breakfast treats, coffee, and give shoppers the chance to win either a $100 gift card or a $1,000 gift card. The morning festivities are named "Rally at the Rack", and it starts at 8am. The gift card raffle will have 30 winners of the $100 gift card, and one winner of the $1,000 gift card...totaling 31 winners. And everyone who makes a purchase (the first 1,000 customers) will leave with a free tote. Those gift cards are music to my credit cards! Now T.J. Maxx, so far, isn't doing anything nearly as exciting...but who knows what they may have planned up their sleeves. Right now, they will be giving away reusable bags to the first 1,000 shoppers. On Thursday, let's welcome them both to the neighborhood!

Nordstrom Rack
505 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY

T.J. Maxx
503 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY

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