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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Socialite-ing: Soul to Sole with #MizMoozMoves

Namaste kens and dolls. I am still on a zen high since last Tuesday (Sept. 16th) from the Miz Mooz #MizMoozMoves yoga workshop at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. First of all, it was my first time at Brooklyn Bridge Park and I must say it is so gorgeous and serene over there. I might be a Brooklynite...but I still have so much to learn about Brooklyn. Second, it's been so long since I've gone to since college long. I was curious to see if I was still flexible. I invited my bestie to join me, because yoga is much more fun with a friend. When I first got to the Harbor View Lawn (I spotted the happy colored orange mats), I was in love with our view. The city looks so peaceful from there, so it was the perfect spot for a warrior pose. I loved the setup too. Even the 2014 fall collection of Miz Mooz shoes was in a harmonious circle (keep reading to find out my fave). All of us bloggers were treated to an orange mat, a bottle of water, amazing view, great company, and super sweet staff. It was nice meeting fellow blogging dolls. Kelly was our yoga instructor and got us all ready to do downward dogs and happy baby poses. Let me just say I was not ready for downward dog and cobra. But I was rocking out the child, bridge, happy baby, and warrior poses. Mind you, I can't remember the names of all of the poses, I just remember doing them. It definitely re-awakened my love of yoga...and got me wanting to be more active...because I am just not a gym girl. Afterwards, we were treated to snacks by Hint of Greens Amazeballs and invited to get up close and personal with Miz Mooz's fall collection. Who doesn't want to look at shoes after exercising? I fell in love with Sal. It's the perfect fall stylishly comfy bootie (and went quite lovely with my Brulee corset leggings too). So I am definitely going to need a pair of those stat! I loved them in black, because black goes with everything...but then again, so does tan. Ok, I'll take both. By the way, can we talk about the shoes we all received?? Ultra-comfy espadrille-esque slip-ons in an ultra-soft suede that go by the name of AndyI am going to sport them for as long as I can this season. They're flexible, no rubbing up against my ankle (which a lot shoes do), and the blue is a fabulous pop of color. While I've known about Miz Mooz shoes, this workshop allowed me to really get to know the brand and created a new fan now. They're on my shoe list! Being outdoors, yoga-ing, with fellow bloggers and my bestie...not to mention shoes(!!) was a perfect way to end a Tuesday night. Thanks Miz Mooz and Blog Meets Brand for the soul to sole moment!

Look at that view!

They had goodies for us. Super sweet!

Me posing with the goods.

Miz Mooz "Sal" bootie. Shown in black.
$174.95. My fave booties!!

What was inside the bag.

A really great group pose.

**Disclosure** This was a sponsored post by Miz Mooz. Compensation was provided. Opinions expressed are solely those of my own and not of the company.

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