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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gift Guide: Pet Lovers

Dog Crest Novelty Smoking Slipper. $148. C Wonder.
These are perfect for the doll who loves dogs and fashion.
She'll enjoy this gold scottish terrier embroidered crest on
a sugarplum purple velvet smoking slipper.
You might be thinking right now and scrambling online to find the puuuurfect gift for the pet lover in your life. It's hard to get a pet owner a gift they would love, but that's really for their fur baby too. Here are some ideas that can be enjoyed by the pet and their owner.

Calm Cat Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief
Coat for Cats. $29.99. Calming Coat.
coat is great for keeping cats calm under
stress and eases their anxieties. There is a
coat for all sizes and for dogs too!

CritterZone Air Neutralizer - Wall Unit. $99.
 Plug this into any grounded outlet
by your pet (litter box, doggy bed, etc.) and it will
quietly and safely handle your pet's odors. Now
you can breathe easier and improve your home's

Luxury Pet Shampoo. $18.
Pets by Jorge Bendersky.
 Treat your pet
to salon care grooming at home with this
luxurious pet shampoo to caress your pet's
body and mind. No sulfates, parabens, or
soap. Be sure to also buy the pet conditioner
for a shiny new coat.

Your Pet Chef Presents...Holiday Pet
Cookbook by Lisa Hennessy. $5.56. Amazon.
For the pet lover who loves to cook. Also
includes gluten free and grain free recipes.

Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's
Sidecar Dogs DVD. $18.50. SidecarDogs.
This is a delightful and inspiring
documentary film about motorcyclists
and their beloved canine co-pilots. Plus,
25% of the proceeds from this film will go
to animal rescue organizations.

The Loving Bowl. $34.99. The Loving Bowl.
This feeding bowl was specifically designed
for brachycephalic (short head/flat face) animals,
to help them eat with ease. No more grinding
their face in the bottom of the bowl, or having
trouble breathing while eating. It's like giving
them a knife and fork!

Pink Bone Tie. $10. Twigo Tags.
Eliminate the noise from other pet ID tags
with a Twigo tag. It's the silent pet ID tag
that can withstand the harsh elements and
is easy to put on. Comes in other styles
to fit your pet's personality.

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