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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

InstaShop: Urban Sweetheart

CC Pillow. $38. Urban Sweetheart.
I thought it might be a cool idea to feature some online shops that I find on IG. As I scroll through my feed, I come across some fab online retailers and I bookmark them for my own personal shopping addiction. But, I thought I shouldn't be selfish and share my finds with you. So I present to you my InstaShop series. Now you too can shop where I shop...and we can go further into debt together...or at least peruse and wishlist. Because while shopping alone is fun, shopping with others is funner. First up is, Urban Sweetheart. I can't remember how I first found them, but I do remember the first thing I saw was their home decor Chanel inspired pillows. They offer everything from tops to bottoms, accessories to tech, and chic throw pillows at guilt-free prices. Follow them on IG @shopurbansweetheart.

Dainty Peplum Blazer. $39.

Pink Lipstick Pillow. $38.

Schoolteacher Dress. $40.
A personal fave!
Roxanne Ear Cuff. $10

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