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Monday, February 2, 2015

Shoe Quickie [Men's Edition]: Alexander McQueen

photo credit: Wendy Show
Earlier this morning I was catching up on some of my DVR shows and watched the Wendy Show. It was of her 1,000th episode. Congratulations Wendy! How you doin'? Randy Jackson was on and I was really feeling his whole look from H to T. In typical Wendy fashion, he posed for the shoe cam, and I had a whole moment with his footwear. It got me thinking, why can't kens wear a cap toe dress shoe? Us dolls do it. So I thought I would dedicate this shoe quickie to Randy and all of the kens out there who are "shoe freaks" like the rest of us (his words, not mine). Randy is sporting the Alexander McQueen Metal Cap Toe Oxford. I think it's a good look and deserves a spotlight. Unfortch, I couldn't find the look for I don't think this design has really taken off yet (plus, the ones I did find were pointy toe and I am not too sure about that silhouette on men yet...well...that's a lie, I don't like men's pointy toe shoes). So guys, you will have to crack your wallet all the way open for this pair.

Alexander McQueen. Metal Cap Toe Oxford. $806.99.

photo credit: Wendy Show

Alexander McQueen. Metal Cap Toe Oxford. $806.99

Hey Kens, would you wear these?

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