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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dear Readers + Followers : A Note from The Fashionisette

Hi Dolls and Kens. I know it's rare you actually hear from me, but I felt it was time you did. I felt I needed to explain what has been going on and why there were so many delays in posts. I may not have a HUGE following like some other bloggers, but I appreciate and value you all so much that I wanted to send you a note. Since 2013, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. And late 2014 my mom had to have major eye surgery (and no, NOT Lasik). So I have been dealing with a lot...not to mention my own personal health (sometimes mental and emotional) issues and concerns. There has been a lot on my plate and as a result this blog suffered. It's not from a lack of content...but when you are stressed or feel like there is just not enough time, or when you have time but have no energy to write, something will suffer or fall through the cracks. Sadly, on April 1st my grandfather passed away. This has been a huge hit for myself and my family. And anyone who has lost someone to cancer can surely understand. While I am slowly getting myself together from the past couple of years and now a family void, my posts might still be a little spaced out. However, I am committed to this blog and to the companies that have reached out to me for coverage. I say all of this to say THANK YOU to you all for still rocking with me. I have a lot in store for this site...a lot of new and exciting changes, because as I grow I want this site to take the same journey. I appreciate all of my readers, followers, and subscribers! It's hard for a blogger to grow a following community, and I am grateful for whatever numbers I have. I still believe it is not about the numbers, but the quality and loyalty of those who follow you. Thank you for following me on this journey with The Fashionisette this far...but like they say "the best is yet to come!"

The Fashionisette


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Nothing but good vibes and blessings.