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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free to Eat: Paleoful

Paleoful Baking Mixes
I don't talk about a lot of food on this site, but that's all about to change. I realize that I want to include you all in my foodstyle and share awesome brands with you. In case you don't know, I am gluten-, soy-, and (at times) dairy-free. I also try to eat only organic and non-gmo brands (going out to restaurants can be trying at times). Ok, so now that you know, I want to feature and highlight brands that fit into my also at times paleo foodstyle. I know there are so many out there like me, who contrary to popular beliefs, are not doing it because it's trendy...but doing it for the betterment of our health. With that said, I was recently introduced to Paleoful. Gotta love a brand who tells you what they're about in one word. Paleoful is a paleo-friendly, gluten-, grain-, egg-, yeast-, soy-free, vegan and non-gmo brand of baking mixes. They offer Brownie Mix and Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix made with almond flour, and Chewy Chocolate Chip Mix made with sunflower seed flour. Not only can you eat with reckless abandon (especially if you have certain food restrictions), they're easy breezy to make. All you need to add is oil and any kind of milk to the mix, bake, and've got a paleoful sweet treat! Just the kind of baking I like to do.

Paleoful is the genius of Lauren Montalette, who like many of us, struggled with food allergies and took the love of her paleo diet and love of baking and turned it into a delicious business. I can't wait to try this brand! I will definitely let you know when I do, and post a review. Hopefully, they come out pinterest-worthy...because we know the struggle of trying to accomplish that. Here's to our sweet tooth never going without just we have to eat without!

Be sure to support the Paleoful Kickstarter fund too! Brands like these can use our support.

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