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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review Me: Firmoo Eyewear

I have always loved glasses. I was a weird kid. I wished for glasses because I thought they were cool and sophisticated. I know. Weird. So when I got to be a teen and was told I would need glasses, I was excited to pick out a pair of frames. However, it's not like I would need my glasses all the time...or even everyday. I just needed them for far distances. I loved sitting in the back of the classroom (what "cool kid" didn't?), but it was sometimes hard for me to see the board. Any way, years later, and from time to time I still need to throw on my specs to see afar. I am always looking for a reason to get a new pair of glasses and was all too happy when Firmoo approached me to pick out a pair of frames and tell you about them. And let me just say, it was so hard to pick just one pair!! If you're an optical geek like moi, you will love this site. And if you're also like me, you might not be familiar with them too. Firmoo is a major online global optical store. They offer so many styles for men and women in either Rx or non-Rx that are uber affordable (so you don't feel guilty for buying more than one pair). From classic styles, to fashion, to cat-eye frames, to retro, there is a style for everyone. Plus, if you're unsure about how a style will look on you, you can try them on in their Virtual Try-on  feature. You can either upload your own pic (for a more accurate trial) or use a pic from the multiple faces they have that might be closest to your face. I picked these frames for myself...which I think are a more modern cat-eye shape. They are frame style #DBSN61259. It took me days to pick a pair because I also wanted these: #F1009. I decided to get the non-Rx (or non-prescription) lenses so I could take them to my ophthalmologist and have him switch in my prescription lenses.
Rawr? I thought I'd give you my best
cat face. Don't judge.
All smiles in my new frames.

What do you think? It's awkward posing with glasses so I thought I'd be playful. But I love them! And I got more than just the glasses. I got a cool map-style case along with a lens cloth, carrying pouch, and a tiny screwdriver (which is soo handy).

my whole set that Firmoo sent.
If you're in the market for eyewear, I would suggest checking out what Firmoo has to offer. Not only do they have specs, you can also shop for sunnies too. A lot of their cool styles also come in sunglasses. And guess all get 15% off! Now you can go wild and have a spectacle frenzy!

Want specs? Go here for your 15% off: Fifteen for Firmoo

*Disclaimer: I received a pair of free glasses. No other compensation was received. Thoughts expressed are of my own and not of Firmoo.

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