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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gift Guide [Last Minute]: Father's Day

"Way to Go Pops!" Father's Day card. $4. PaperFreckles.
The official day to appreciate your dad is almost upon us. Still looking for last minute, that don't look like last minute, amazing gifts for dad? Well, hopefully these ideas will show your dad how much you think he's awesome. And these gifts also work for wives who want to show their hubbies love for being great fathers. These gifts also work for any time you want to give your dad a token of your gratitude.

Gift Ideas (the descriptions):
Why not top off your gift with a funny card? Paper Freckles has some really great cards to get your dad laughing. $4.

Have a techie dad or hubby? Show how much you care for his *ahem* reproductive organs...yeah...more like a wife getting him a RadiaShield Men's Boxer Brief by Belly Armor. This boxer brief helps reduce radiation...down the front and back with radiashield technology. Now he can put his gadgets on his lap safely. $49.

Does he love football? Had to ask. He'll love this Commemorative Hardcover Edition of documenting every Superbowl game ever played. This 320 page book is full of photos and stories, and not to mention covered in a football grain textured cover with laces embossed on the spine. $50. But use code: FATHER and get $10 off! (this ships September 15, 2015)

Maybe dad is looking for a new scent? Now this cologne 'trumps' all the other ones. Give him a whiff of Empire by Donald Trump and maybe he'll feel more confident to pursue those business ventures...or not. But at least he'll smell good doing whatever it is he does. $52-$62.

Before he throws on that cologne, make sure his deodorant game is on point first. Sometimes, it's a trial and error process. But with this gift, you can eliminate the error. Give him Grooming Lounge's Deodorant of the Month Club . It's the only gift that doesn't stink...literally. Every 3 months he will receive 3 high-end deodorants, antiperspirants, and/or body powders. $75.

Just about every dad's ritual is shaving. Give his morning's a kick with Pacific Shaving Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave Set. Why caffeinated? These products help promote healthy skin, caffeine is a natural antioxidant, and it will help reduce redness and razor rash. $15.99.

What do you get when Derek Jeter, 50 Cent, Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland come together along with one of the founders of Tempur-Pedic? A revolutionary brand of undergarments for the daddy husband in your life. FRIGO is an underwear and T-shirt line in high-tech performance fabrics that combine comfort and style. $25-$100.

Have a jet-setting dad? Give him the gift of rest with these stylish Croc Leather Sleep Masks by Jypsea Outlet Shop. Now he could take a snooze in style. $35.

Is dad about to be a dad for the first time? Get him ready for diaper duty with a diaper bag he won't mind carrying from Diaper Dude. There are lots of styles to choose from, even giving him one featuring his favorite sports team. $34.99 on up.

Beer and men just go together. Beer, food, and men go even better. And beer in the food and men is a winning combo! Now dad can have his beer and eat it too with Craft Beer Popper Mix by Boardwalk Food Co. He can make his favorite poppers to go with his favorite beer. Choose from original, rosemary sea salt, or cornbread. $7.99.

Now these two gifts go hand-in-hand. Is dad born to grill? If you have the outdoor space, give him a master grill by DCS. You can pick out the perfect grill for dad. And while he is taking steak orders, help him get the orders right with SteakChamp 3-Color. With a color indication system, he can make the perfect steak every time. Check your local retailer for prices of DCS grills. SteakChamp $59.95 at Sur La Table.

Every businessman needs the perfect writing utensil. Let dad sign on the dotted line with one of these 3 styles of a Pilot Fountain Pen. You can pick from Vanishing Point Fountain, Animal Fountain, or Metropolitan Fountain. $18.75 - $175.00.

You can't go wrong with an iAnything. I am loving this iHome Rechargeable Flask shaped Bluetooth Wireless stereo system with built-in speakerphone capability. He can stream wireless digital audio with any iPhone, Android, and Windows look really cool doing it. Who doesn't love a flask? $49.99.

Since we're on the topic of flasks...he may not be able to drink out of it, but here is something he could drink - Botran Reserva Rum. If he appreciates a good rum, then this would be it. For more than 60 years the Botran family has succeeded in perfecting the art of rum their mature rums a signature style and superior taste. $19.99 check your local spirits retailer for purchasing.

Here's a new twist on something classic. It combines two popular games into one. What do you get the dad who loves to play chess and poker? Chess poker chips obvi! Get your dad a Poker Chess Chip Set by Kings County Chess Club. It's the best of both worlds. $45.

Summer weather is finally here! Skip having dad rent a Citi bike...give him a bike of his own with these fabulous bikes from Electra Bikes. He'll love pedaling a bike that is anything but regular. My faves are the Tiger Shark 3i  or the Indy 3i in Red. $879.99.

Does your dad want to be a rockstar but can't strike a chord? Help make his rockstar dreams come true with ChordBuddy. This works with any electric or acoustic guitar, and within two months (or so) he will be playing the guitar on his own. It's like having a guitar tutor without an actual tutor. $49.95.

Now this last gift idea is the gift for dad to give a gift to someone who is need. The International Rescue Committee or IRC, lets dad help someone who might need emergency care, emergency medical supplies, clean water, etc. in other countries where resources are lacking. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. $23 - $300.

Let's take a look at the gifts!

Botran Reserva Rum
RadiaShield Men's Boxer Brief.

Pacific Shaving. Caffeinated
shaving cream set.

Chess Poker Chip Set.


Boardwalk Food Co. Craft Beer Popper Mix.

Croc Leather Sleep Mask.
DCS outdoor grill.

Grooming Lounge Deodorant
of the Month Club

Diaper Dude. Messenger Bag.

Electra Bike. Tiger Shark 3i.

Electra Bike. Indy3i in red.

EMPIRE by Donald Trump.

FRIGO V-Neck T-shirt.

iHome Audio Flask shaped Bluetooth
stereo system.

IRC donation gift.

Pilot Fountain Pen.

SteakChamp Steak Thermometer

Superbowl Hardcover Special Edition book.

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