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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Won a Hairover!: My Day with A Life in the Day of Andrea + ARROJO

Andrea of "A Life in the Day of Andrea" and I
outside the Arrojo Williamsburg salon.
Everybody who knows me knows I am a trackstar (my word for one who wears weaves or extensions). But I thought it was time to sport my tresses for a little. I was inspired by Tyra's latest haircut and wanted something similar, but needed a little push. My fellow bloggerina, Andrea, was hosting a giveaway on her site A Life in the Day of Andrea to win a free cut + color at the Arrojo Williamsburg salon in Brooklyn. I knew I had to enter...I mean professionals executing the cut I was obsessing over + I have always wanted a blue black color too, why not! Well, I found out on twitter that I had won. I was so excited and nervous. I had emailed to Andrea my hair woes, issues, and to make sure that the salon knew I was a black girl with black girl hair (can we keep it real please?) I knew I would walk in with straight hair, but once water hit it, it would be a whole different ballgame (I am quite kinky curly under these presses). Dolls, you know how it is. I was familiar with Nick Arrojo because he was the main hair stylist on What Not to Wear (before Ted Gibson came on). I knew his staff would be professional, but I was worried since I also knew I would probably be the only black girl there (of which I was right) and wondered if they could handle my hair texture. But they're stylists, so they should know how to handle everyone's hair, right? And that they did. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. The first one I met was my colorist Charlie. I told her I wanted to go for a blue black color. When she went to work on the color I met my stylist Clare. I showed her my pics (I am a big believer in having photos of what I want so there is no confusion) of Tyra and explained how my hair was and the problems I was having. She was shocked I wanted to go so short. But it's getting hot, and hair always grows back, so I wanted to go for it. Charlie rocked it on color (although I learned later about how strong that dye was because it was still coming out on my hands and combs. I just needed to wash it afterwards). Clare gave me a great haircut! She tailored the cut to my face and how my hair was. Sometimes you can't exactly get the picture because you're not always working with what the girl in the picture has. But she knew how to handle my hair, and even though we both were thinking 'Jesus be a hair straightener' while she was blow drying my curls straight, she was a whiz and very knowledgeable. I appreciated her expertise and friendliness. I know I will be booking her again soon (and the bonus is they give complimentary touch-ups). Everyone was great and I definitely recommend the salon. They're in Brooklyn, which is a major convenience since I am tired of always trekking into the city for a hair appointment, and they're also affordable. And, don't be shy if you feel your hair texture might be too much. Arrojo salon can handle it all! It was a lovely hairover kind of Thursday and it was great meeting Andrea! Thanks so much Andrea, Clare, Charlie, and the Arrojo hair team for getting me summer ready. xo


Charlie coloring my hair

Andrea and I waiting for our colors to set
Might as well take a selfie right?
Surprised by our hairovers!
After. What do you think?

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