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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Obsessed: @PonoJSG PONO by Joan Goodman

Chiara Moonstone Rubber Choker. $325.
PONO by Joan Goodman.
So my current obsession is a necklace! That's right...a necklace. Usually it is shoes...or clothes...but this time around I cannot stop planning my outfits around this Chiara Moonstone Rubber Choker from PONO by Joan Goodman. Cool brand fact - 'pono' is a Hawaiian word which means righteousness in all its forms: quality; morality; goodness; virtuousness; in perfect order. It also carries an implication of belonging within the realm of necessary and beneficial. You can clearly see that their collection suits this definition, as the pieces are totally necessary and beneficial to your wardrobe. The brand also launched in 2003 by two sisters, Joan Goodman and Barbara Barnett...with Joan being the designer.
When I saw the Chiara Moonstone Rubber Choker, I knew it had to be mine! Isn't it pretty? It's the perfect statement necklace that is almost understated. But I love its simplicity, effortlessness, and strong yet soft design. Plus, I am sucker for chains. And the iridescent taupe color makes it a neutral staple for your ensembles. I got the necklace last week and have already worn it twice with two totally different outfits.

close-up of the choker.

I paired it with my all blue outfit, that
I accessorized with pops of color.
I paired it with a graphic tee
and pair of jeans.

PONO by Joan Goodman is making me fall in love with jewelry all over again. Typically, I just wear the same pieces everyday, but I am inspired to really accessorize more. Plus, I find reasons for throwing the necklace on. Each time I have worn it, someone always says to me, "I love your necklace." Oh, and let me tell you, it is super light! Don't let the chain effect fool you. You don't feel the necklace around your neck. And yes, I know it can be over budget, but you will definitely get your cost per wear because you'll never want to take it off. So it is totally worth the splurge!

Chiara Moonstone Rubber Choker. $325. Pono by Joan Goodman. Be sure to check out all of their collections while you're at it.

***Disclaimer: I received a necklace to review. No other forms of compensation was received. The complimentary gift in no way shaped my opinions about the item received. Everything said is the opinions of The Fashionisette and not of PONO by Joan Goodman, nor their representatives. ***

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