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Monday, August 17, 2015

Review + Giveaway!: @ViewSport

The Fashionisette in the "Do It" ViewSport tee.
So if you know me, you know that I am not the exercise girl. I'm the one that keeps saying "I really need to work out" while being on the "see-food diet" know where if you see food you eat it. But ViewSport reached out to me on social media and let's just say I am motivated to do something and well...sweat (because I don't like to sweat either). Okay, let me tell you about ViewSport...of which their name works sooo well with their brand! ViewSport is this pretty cool innovative fitness apparel line that has a patent-pending technology where as you sweat your shirt reveals a design (a design that you can't see until your sweat comes into contact with the fabric). The harder you work, the more visible the image. Talk about motivation! This sweat activated technology is completely non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, odorless and safe. Instead of just looking sweaty in whatever activity you're you can sweat with pride sporting a cool motivating message or image. It's like you've given your sweat a purpose. Here's the cool thing, so when you dry off, the image or words go back to being invisible again. Love it!! Now you get why I am obsessed with their name...because that's what you do. I decided to try it out while I did some outdoor stretches and exercise. My bestie took my pic and darn the wind for blowing those like two strands in my face when she snapped. But I never like to take too perfect pictures, so I just used the pic. Well, you know how the heat has been I started to sweat, something I was actually looking forward to doing, and couldn't wait to see what my image was. When I turned around, my bestie told me it said "Work Hard" and it was sprawled across my back. I was so excited. The tee is soo comfortable (I am wearing a size XL - they tend to run a little smaller so you might want to size up if you need to), breathable, light, and just looks good! I will definitely be getting more. I am kind of addicted. And it's not just for us dolls, it's for the kens too! Did I also mention that they are super affordable??? Workout budget winning!

The back of my ViewSport tee. Can you see the
writing? "Work Hard"

If you work out or want to work out and need some amazing workout gear, then I highly recommend looking into ViewSport and picking what you want to #SweatProud in. And right now, until August 21st, they are running a one shirt and get one mystery shirt in your size free!

Men's "Faster, Better, Stronger"
short sleeve tee. $24.99. ViewSport.

Women's "Drop it Like a Squat" tank.
$26.99. ViewSport.

But...I wanted to do something special for my readers! I am having a ViewSport giveaway!!! You can win your very own ViewSport shirt in your size. The contest starts tomorrow and all of the information will be below so you can enter. Set your alarms because the contest begins at 12am (EST).

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