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Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy #NationalPublicistDay!

photo credit: Jordanna (@inandoutofapt7)
Have you heard? Today is National Publicist Day! Normally, I wouldn't post about any national day...but this one is near and dear to The Fashionisette. Why? Well, as you may (or may not) know, not only am I a blogger, but during the day I am a publicist. For years, I was the owner of Touch of Pink PR. And while the doors may have closed to that firm, new doors are opening to APARTMENT|SEVEN. I am currently working on the website. Well, all of that aside, I am so excited about today. I am so happy to announce that I created National Publicist Day (How you pitchin'?). Major thanks to National Day Calendar for approving the day!!! October 30th has meaning for all of us PR pros. Today is the day that Ivy Lee, the "father of modern PR", created what would be the first press release in response to his railroad client's tragic accident. This press release was printed verbatim in the New York Times on October 30, 1906. So thank you Ivy Lee!

For the official October 30th Proclamation, you can read all about it here: New Day Proclamation - National Publicist Day.

To read the press release: October 30th is National Publicist Day!

Thank you to all of the supporters! Thank you to all of the PoweRpeople out there who work hard behind the scenes!

Enjoy #NationalPublicistDay!!!


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