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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Interview With: Dr. Paul Nassif of NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare

Dr. Paul Nassif
photo credit: E! Online
If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all plastic surgery shows. It should come as no surprise that I would be watching (well, DVR-ing and then watching with no commercials) Botched on E! I can't get enough of Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif. (To be honest, Dr. Nassif is my favorite.) So, when I found out that Dr. Nassif launched a skincare line, I had to find out more. Thanks to my new PR friend Larry, I was able to interview Dr. Nassif so we can learn more about his skincare line, NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare.

Before I go into our TF exclusive interview, I wanted to tell you a little about this beauty cabinet necessity. NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare is the solution to our skin care needs for the day and night. It is the first line to address the dramatic and diverse Bio-Rhythmic changes that our skin experiences during the day versus the night, as well as the negative effects of travel and busy lifestyles on your skin. With over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, he definitely has extensive experience and an understanding of the innate workings of the body’s natural bio-rhythms and the subsequent effects they have on our skin. Ok, so what does bio-rhythm mean and how does this affect our skin?? A biorhythm is the 24-hour cycle that controls the biological clock of our body, as well as the rhythms that govern our skin’s repair, protection and renewal cycles. The genes that regulate our biological timing are CLOCK genes, and they control the many functions of our skin over each 24-hour period. Based on temperature and chemicals, as well as fluid and blood flow fluctuations during a typical Bio-Cycle, our skin requires different raw materials to maximize its role during each segment of the day and night cycle. In essence, our skin goes through different changes in the day than the night, so we need something different to help our skin go through the transitions seamlessly. This skin care system helps repair damage, returning our internal Bio-Rhythmic skin clock functions back to its native state, and helping us maintain a more youthful appearance. Alright, so enough of me talking...let's talk with Dr. Paul Nassif.
[TF: The Fashionisette | DPN: Dr. Paul Nassif]

TF: Thanks so much Dr. Nassif for taking the time out and e-interviewing with me! I am a major fan of your work and remember your Dr. 90210 appearances. But now you’re on Botched, a show I am obsessed with, and have been watching for two seasons. Congrats on your third season! Is there anything you can tell us about it?

DPN:I can tell you that Season 3 is exciting, outrageous and, as always, full of exciting characters and wild situations!

TF: Yeah. This season already hasn't disappointed. Let's talk about your NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic skincare line. Congratulations on it!!
NASSIF MD complete Bio-Rhythmic Skincare line

DPN: Thank you! We’re extremely proud of our NASSIF MD line. It’s based around the changing needs of skin, and it works in perfect harmony with the 24-hour cycle that controls the biological clock and the biorhythms of the body.

TF: What sets this skincare line apart from the others?

DPN: I’ve been treating patients with busy lifestyles for years in my plastic surgery practice, and I wanted to find a way to help them beyond surgery. This skincare is ideal for caring for tired, stressed, and depleted skin. My patients gave me the inspiration to create Nassif MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare. This product line feeds the skin exactly what it needs for each 12-hour cycle.

TF: Well thank you patients! How long was the process to create a skincare line like this?

DPN: The answer depends on what exactly you consider “the beginning.” As I mentioned, I had noticed a common problem, i.e.: tired, stressed skin, and had been thinking and dreaming about a skincare solution for a long time. Things evolved and I began visiting the lab and sitting down periodically with my chemists, and we meticulously went through a variety of different types of proteins, peptides, chemical products, and antioxidants that do different things. We slowly and carefully put things together that reacted in a positive way, based not on happenstance, but on how we could supplement the ways in which the body (and skin) works naturally in its 24-hour cycles. It was through this process that I came up with our new line, Bio-Rhythmic Skincare, and developed it in about 2 years, from the ‘serious’ beginning to the first launch of products.

Clock AM Daytime Serum. $95
TF: That sounds like quite a process. But quality takes time. I love that you created a skincare line to address our skin all day long. How does our skin change from day to night? Like does it get dryer? Go through some process?

DPN: Bio-Rhythmic Skincare works with the skin’s 24-hour biological clock, providing essential nutrients based on the body’s own biorhythms. The bio-rhythmic system is unique to our system. The Nassif MDBio-Rhythmic Skincare system provides protection from the harsh daytime environment and simultaneously assists in the skin's nighttime repair process. Bio-Rhythmic Skincareis simple to explain. Our bodies have diversely different needs during the day than at night, and therefore, our skin also has needs that differ from waking hours to sleep. The daytime demands of the skin are protection from stress and technological/environmental assaults, as well having its energy reserves fueled throughout the waking hours.The nighttime requirements of our skin involve repairing daytime damage (oxidative stress), and restoring and rejuvenating depleted skin so that we can start over fresh the next day. 

TF: Can these products be used on the neck and décolletage areas?

DPN: Our Nassif MDBio-Rhythmic Skincareline is fabulous for the neck, and we highly encourage clients to use our face serums down to the décolletage both day and night. We may create a separate product for that area (in the consideration phase along with others), but for now, great benefits can be derived from extending our face products to the décolletage.
Dawn to Dusk exfoliating cleanser.
TF: What is the best age to start using anti-aging products?

DPN: If one is looking to go on the offensive (meaning proactive and preemptive skin care, which I recommend), then your 20’s are the time to start. If you wait until problems arise, say in your 40’s or later, you will be playing catch up and may need to enlist more medical-based procedures to meet your needs and expectations.

TF: That's good to know. Glad I started early. I don't want to be the exception to the black-don't-crack rule. Haha. On a more personal note, a problem area on my face are my eyes. Other than getting more sleep, what else can I do or use to minimize my under-eye circles and lines?

DPN: Honestly, nothing quite replaces adequate sleep, the requirements of which are different for each individual. Beyond that, genetics, allergies, and sinus drainage can all affect the under-eye area. Practically speaking, sleeping with your head slightly elevated (above the heart) will minimize some of the fluid accumulation. Also, look for our innovative eye care product coming down the pipeline, a fantastic product sure to immensely help both issues you mention!

TF: Oooooo, I cannot wait for your eye products! Thanks for the eye care tip. Guess I will hit the bed early from now on. When can someone expect to see results using your skincare line?

DPN: Our Bio-Rhythmic Skincareline gives the skin exactly what it needs, when it         needs it, both day and night. Taken a step further, it will quickly energize and restore skin that is overly taxed from the challenges of crazy, hectic lifestyles. This makes our skincare line ideal for fast, outstanding anti-aging results for any age or lifestyle.

TF: I know your clients played a role, but was there anything else that moved you to create a skincare line?

Clock PM Night Serum. $95
DPN: For years, in bits and pieces, I had thoughts like, “if I give my clients the underlying elements of a desirable face (through plastic surgery), but it’s viewed through the canvas of dull, tired, uneven skin, then was the surgical enhancement result complete?” By understanding the inner workings of the deeper surgical process including bone, cartilage, and blood vessel manipulation, I had proven over and over that I possessed both the knowledge and ability to artistically reconstruct facial contours. But what I was missing was a way to make sure those gorgeous contours were seen and displayed in the best possible light, through a healthy and glowing skin surface. So this is something that I wanted to do for probably the last decade. Mostly because when I’m operating on the deeper tissue, I’m lifting things up, I’m tightening skin with a face lift, but I don’t really work on the distressed surface skin. Then, about three years ago was when I had my final epiphany and everything came together: Now it’s time for me to start focusing on a skincare line since I’ve always wanted to and there’s a great need for it.This would enable me to deliver the whole package and have the great satisfaction of knowing I have a comprehensive solution available to clients, as well as the masses.

TF: Such an 'AHA Moment'! Will you be expanding your line to other products? If yes, would you be able to tell us about it?

DPN: We have some new additions to the Nassif MDBio-Rhythmic Skincare™ line that are in development. While I can’t disclose much detail as things often change in development, the focus will be on skincare alternatives to plastic surgery and will be based on an even more advanced science revolving around the skins’ bio-rhythmic clock cycles.

Such an awesome interview!! See why you need it to be apart of your beauty regimen? I could go on and on about how fabulous his skincare line is and the hero ingredients that make it effective...but this post would be pages long. So, I say go the NASSIF MD Skincare website and check out the Clock AM day serum, Dawn to Dusk Exfoliating Cleanser, and Clock PM nighttime serum

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