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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shoe Quickie: Marc Fisher

Serenity Peep Toe Bootie. Marc Fisher. $90.30
shown in Navy suede
I got an email earlier today asking me to enter to win a year's worth of of course I had to click and enter. You know me and shoes. After I entered, I figured I should check out the e-shop. Well, I was led to Marc Fisher...a shoe designer I forgot about (smh). Natch, I went to the sale section first (let me not act like I have money) and fell head over heels with the Serenity Peep Toe Bootie. It honestly looks good in any color you choose...but when I saw the navy, I was sold. It's soooo hard to find a fierce pair of navy shoes in any style. I don't know why it is such a hard color to find...and it's a basic color. Plus, I love a zipper detail (and do you see the elastic too??). I think it's safe to say "Serenity now!" [P.S. They're on sale and it seems like every size is in stock.]

Serenity Peep Toe Bootie. On Sale: $90.30. Marc Fisher.

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