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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Holiday Dressing: L'Amour [Special Discount Code]

"Take Me Out" jumpsuit. $230.
Once December hits, all things seasonally social start filling up the calendar. And the age old question is asked, what am I gonna wear? No matter how stocked our closets and drawers, finding that perfect outfit seems impossible at times. Well, it might be time to stock your closet with some fashionable go-to's from L'AMOUR. The name totally works right? L'AMOUR is the hottest new shopping site for all your holiday party look needs. L'Amour speaks to the girl who is innately fashionable and endlessly fearless. I became a L'Amour Girl when I saw the Take Me Out jumpsuit (shown left) in velvet (that has an exposed zipper!). I thought I would give you a sneak peek and showcase some of my faves so you can fall in love with L'Amour too.

A Touch of Drama Evening Dress. $290.

Knock My Socks Off evening
maxi dress. $213

Shine On sequin romper. $235.

Got Gold Evening Maxi Dress. $178

Dance the Night Away sequined blazer.

Sea Goddess sequin skirt. $270.

Like what you saw?? Guess what, for this weekend only you can get 20% off with code NBC20. More reasons to love L'Amour!!

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