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Sunday, December 6, 2015

NYFW: TechStyle NYC x Creeds Collective Lounge

official red carpet photo
photo credit: TechStyleNYC
In continuing my tales of fashion week, my week wouldn't be complete without going to the TechStyle NYC x Creeds Collective Lounge on September 14th. I always love going (and supporting JJ)...such a fun time socializing and meeting new brands! And as usual, this event did not disappoint. I was introduced to so many fab brands that I became a fan of. First up was Shapeways, a 3D printing company. You can 3D print just about anything. Of course I started thinking about all the things I could 3D shoes! But I tried on a really cool 3D necklace. Next on my tour was the Rejected Hearts Club. I loved talking to the Founder, Jamie Batiste. The story of RHC is the story of three hearts. The heart you gave away, the heart that was rejected, and the heart we give back to you. Her jewelry (for dolls and kens) can mend any broken heart. I fell in love with her rings (amongst other pieces). After swooning over rings and things, I was re-introduced to T. Tandon. It was nice seeing her collection again. We talked about her show I had attended a couple of days prior to the lounge and I was able to see her clothes close-up. Next was meeting brand Titika Active. They're a luxury activewear brand. I guess when I finally start exercising...whenever that will be...I will stock up on their couture activewear. If I have to exercise, I might as well look fierce doing it! Plus, their activewear has a four-way stretch. I might not be stretching like I should, but at least let my workout clothes be familiar with the concept. Since my hair was in braids at the time, I didn't stop by Tressnoire...but the work I saw was amazing! I am definitely keeping them in mind for my next hair appointment. They're all about styling natural tresses and I could use a curl consult. When I saw the Kopi Trading Co. I knew I had to stop because I enjoy my coffee breaks. I have never heard of them before, nor knew about Cold Brew, but I have to tell you I got my coffee life. They are all about bringing Indonesian coffee to the masses and keeping its heritage and Cold Brew history alive. I will be honest, I didn't think I would like it...especially since I never drink my coffee without sugar and cream...but I loved the taste! And having it also be a part of a coffeetini perked me right up. Sipping my delish drink I briefly stopped by the Warsteiner corner. I am not a beer drinker...but I would've tasted it if I didn't have the coffeetini in my hand. If you're a fan of this kind of cold brew, then this one's for you. And while we're on the drinking train, I highly suggest you check out Brode - Electrolyte Vitamins. Unfortunately, the side effects of alcohol is dehydration. Well, Brode is your drink's bestie. This all natural vitamin is packed with 5 primary electrolytes and 9 metabolization B-vitamins, to lessen your hangover, pump you with electrolytes, and keep you hydrated. It's one vitamin I am sure you will have no problem taking. More interested in tea? Then Sound Sparkling Tea is right up your alley. It's unsweetened sparkling tea with less of the artificial stuff and more of the organic ingredients that you can actually pronounce. The one I tasted was the unsweetened White Tea with Peach and Ginger. Surprisingly, it tasted good! You don't need all that sugar anyway. Now that I was fully hydrated, I was introduced to Lifetherapy, a brand that is focused on creating a positive mental outlook through scents and colors. They offer 5 different moods - Vacation, Chill, Flirt, Escape, and Play. My scent was Vacation. From bath and body products to fragrances to essential oils to mood bracelets, they have everything you need to live positively. In keeping with make your life better, Boomerang NYC brings the ease. It's your friendly dry cleaner and laundromat all in one...and without you ever leaving the house. All you need is an iPhone to download the app and you can get your clothes cleaned with a touch of the button. Unfortch, I have two strikes against me - I live in Brooklyn and this luxury is only for Manhattanites, and I am team Android. So you Apple users living in the city part of the Big Apple, download this app. Got your clothes cleaned but still don't know what to wear? While you're in the downloading mood, download Swggr. It's like if Instagram and Pinterest got together and had a baby, it would be called Swggr. You can shop your favorite brands, and users can style others and themselves. Remember when Cher in Clueless was using her computer to pick her outfit...well Swggr is the closest thing we have to that. And it's another win for you iPhoners. I found another brand I would love to stock my jewelry box with, and that was with Meredith Marks. She's a fine jewelry brand chock full of timeless and beautiful pieces in gold, silver, and precious stones. I ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd at her table and mentally added pieces to my wishlist. The last stop on my tour was with peach. This is where I had a bra-ha...or as I called it a bra-phiany moment. It doesn't matter what you put on if what you have on underneath isn't doing its job properly. The right bra makes all the difference! It was life-changing when I got fitted for a Peach bra. I thought "my girls" were doing just fine, until my peach stylist pointed them in the right direction (as in up). "I took the plunge" and was treated to their plunge style bra that I received in the mail after the event. And can we talk about their loungewear? I don't think I have ever petted a tank top before. The fabric is sooooo soft and smooth. You will want to cuddle with it. Oh, and did I mention you can have a peach personal stylist come to your house and fit you for a bra? Isn't peach a peach?! If you're looking for a gift that she and "the girls" will love, then think peach.

Thanks TechStyle for another wonderful lounge!!! Looking forward to next season (which is like right around the corner it always seems) and meeting more fabulous brands.

Check out my photos from the day...

check out the cool 3D printing from Shapeways

the dress that Dita Von Teese is
wearing is a 3D printed dress!

doesn't this 3D necklace look good on me?

so much to choose from Rejected Hearts
meet Rejected Hearts

look at these beautiful earrings

more gorgeous earrings

my favorite rings from rejected hearts

look at these bracelets

maybe I should become a RHC member?

Hi Titika Active Couture! See you when I workout.

My kind of Cold Brew

I didn't want my coffeetini to end.

Hi Warsteiner! You do look good.

Love the glasses! I think I should've
grabbed one.

Brode will be your weekend

Because who likes hangovers?

I'm keeping Brode with me.

Sound Sparkling tea

Unsweetened and organic?
I like the Sound of that.


Lifetherapy bath and body care

Mood Lounge

Boomerang NYC

that's what your deliveries look like. Pretty cool right?

Meredith Marks

So many jewels to choose from too.

these earrings are stunners!

I'll take them all Meredith!

Meredith Marks also has quite the fur collection.

T. Tandon collection

Get Swggr

the app makes me smile

fun time posing with Swggr

meet peach


I could live in their clothes.

yes please!

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