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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review Me: Come Clean soap

come clean soap. stylish high heel. $12
For the past year (or so), I have slowly been making the transition to more healthy body and home products. Products where I can actually pronounce and recognize its ingredients. And this meant a change in my body soaps. When I found out about come clean soaps...and the fact that it is free of all of the harsh chemicals, vegan, and made with essential oils...I gave my soap dish a new mate. I was instantly hooked. Not just because I'm like a kid and was excited that it comes with a collectible toy, but because the soap smelled good and felt great on my body. It has a really nice lather and it felt good to get clean with a clean product. Now yes, I love the fact that once you get through with the bar, you get a cute keepsake. I chose the stylish high heel. But there are so many more to choose from! Like you will become obsessed. The brand is the genius of Yvonne. She didn't like that beauty products stood in her way of her journey towards wellness. Come Clean soaps is a pop culture with attitude...and pay homage to New York, fashion, dogs, music, and media. Oh, and did I mention you can also use the soap on dogs too? Because you can. It's safe to use on humans and pets (as a shampoo). Your skin is your biggest organ, so when you have to get clean, you should come clean.

back of the packaging. it's ingredients
you can read and pronounce!
it's like the new cracker jack box. check
out my heel after I finished my soap. 

Want to come clean? Get to know and shop here: whenicomeclean
Find your soap here: It's time to "come clean." Prices range $10-$14, depending on style.

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