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Monday, March 14, 2016

Socialite-ing: Rigby & Peller NYC Launch

photo credit: The Fashionisette
I know, I know. I haven't been around much. Life has been keeping this doll quite busy. I have been missing you all. So, I want to post about everything I should've posted about in 2015. Today I am starting with the NY launch of the uber fabulous UK lingerie brand, Rigby & Peller. They opened up in October, and if you haven't walked in or walked past them, it's located on 104 Fifth Ave. Rigby & Peller is the original pioneer in expert lingerie styling and was founded in 1939 by two female corsetieres (love that word) Gita Peller and Bertha Rigby, and at the helm June Kenton, the lingerie maverick who has dressed everyone from rock royalty to crowned royals. Now you know why I had to attend this launch. And June Kenton was going to be there too. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk to her until the end of the event...but I am so glad I did. She's quite lovely and endearing. My mother was my +1 (I wanted to do something special for her since we've been through so much and I wanted her to have a true bra fitting experience). When we walked in, we were surrounded by beautiful lingerie, and of course I wanted one of everything. Girl talk with my blogger friends while sipping bubbly and waiting to be fit for a Rigby & Peller bra on a Thursday night in New York City, what more can a girl ask for (besides a worthy gent to show off the bra too and maybe $1 million in the bank)? My personal lingerie stylist was Shanique. I walked behind the chain curtains and into my private fitting room, complete with a satin robe and boudoir atmosphere. I talked to Shanique about my current bra situation, what I look for in a bra, and the bras I was eyeing in the store. She educated me about the brand and their signature styles, measured me and went to grab me the styles. Bra fittings are so liberating and eye-opening and empowering. We tried on a few styles, but it was the first one I tried on that lifted me up to where I belonged. Plus it was pretty looking too. My mom had a wonderful bra fitting experience too and walked out with two bras! (I gifted her my complimentary one and she had to purchase a second one because she loved it. Me, I am on a blogger budget, haha, so my bra style is saved for me at the store under my profile.) Shanique saved my bra style under my profile, which every stylist does for you so you can keep track of your styles. Did I mention they have bra styles in sizes A - K? There's definitely a sexy support system for you. Oh, and here's a tip: a good bra holds you up in the cups, not the straps. The real support comes from the cups. Rigby & Peller is more than just bras...there's panties, nightwear, and swimwear. I think everyone should have a Rigby & Peller experience, and now we don't have to go across the pond because they came to us. It's like their quote in the store, "I came in for a new bra, and left as a new woman!"

Check out some photos from the night! (And thanks to Guest of a Guest for snapping my mom and I.) P.S. Thanks Jenny from I Love a Good.

photo credit: Guest of a Guest

photo credit: Guest of a Guest

photo credit: Guest of a Guest

photo credit: Guest of a Guest

one of my favorite styles

Love this quote! It's so true.

one of the store models showing off
their lingerie

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the satin robe
it's like your personal boudoir

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