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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fun to Do: Pinot's Palette

"A Kiss in the Park"
photo credit: Pinot's Palette Park Slope
This past weekend I planned a GNO for some of the dolls in my life because I haven't seen them in a while. It's just something I am known for doing in my circle. Usually I just plan a really nice dinner, complete with cocktails and plenty of convo. But this past Saturday, I planned a little extra...after dinner we would do a sip n paint. I have been seeing this everywhere online and thought why not try? Plus I was intrigued to see if I could really paint. I did an online search and came across Pinot's Palette. One of my favorite neighborhoods is Park Slope, and saw they had a spot right there on 5th Ave. Now usually these places are BYOB...but this location is not a BYOB. The B here stands for Buy. But the prices are beyond affordable (a glass of wine is $8, champagne is $6. They also offer beer, cider, prosecco, name it they have it!) and they give you a full we were perfectly fine with buying our drinks. You walk in and the staff is friendly and help you find your seat...of which the table has your name on it written in chalk where you would sit. Love the personal touch! After you hang your coat up, or put your belongings in cubbies, you pick up your apron and prepare to become Picasso. Saturday night our teacher of the arts was Jessica. The painting, A Kiss in the Park. (When you go online, there is a full event calendar complete with the paintings that will be taught that day/night, so you know what you're signing up for.) Now, I thought this might be a paint by numbers thing because when I saw pictures of the artwork people created and how great it turned out, I thought there is no way we are painting this on our own. Well, there are no numbers to paint by and you are totally painting this all on your own. My dolls and I were super excited, but were laughing because the night before and days leading up to it we were all worried our paintings would be the worst of the class.
My own blank canvas
The class was all sold out and everyone was friendly. The class is 2 hours and Jessica led us every step of the way. After she gave us the basics on our color palette, mixing plate, brushes, and just how the whole thing works, we were on our way. She would show us a step and then turn up the tunes. So cocktails, music, friends, laughs, and was all a perfect combination for a fun night. Now, not everyone's painting looked exactly like Jessica's...but I think for all of us first-timers, we rockstar'd it! All throughout I kept thinking there is no way my painting is going to resemble much of anything...because it certainly wasn't looking that way. At the end of two hours, I was completely shocked that my painting had actually looked like a painting.

My color palette.
After you finish painting, you can sign your name on your masterpiece. And voila! Just like that you painted something worthy of hanging on your wall. My dolls and I had such a good time and were pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the final outcomes. It is something we would definitely do again, and definitely go back to Pinot's Palette in Park Slope.

So if you were wondering or curious about going to a sip n paint, maybe now you'll book a class. And Pinot's Palette has studios in multiple states, so you can find one closest to you. Classes at the Park Slope location are only $38.

Posing with my finished masterpiece. Not bad right?
a close-up of my version of A Kiss in the Park.

*This is not a sponsored post and I did not receive any gift or compensation. I just wanted to share something I did and had fun at.*

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