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Monday, May 23, 2016

Shop Smart: Groupon Coupons

*I have to let you dolls and kens know that this is a sponsored post. All opinions, however, expressed are 100% mine.*

I don't have to tell you how amazing Groupon is. I think we all know. There's a Groupon for everything! And we can also agree that we love to save money (you know I love a good deal and hate to pay retail - it almost rhymed). But you may not (or maybe you do) know about Groupon Coupons. What's the difference? Well, Groupon mainly focuses on events, experiences, dining, etc. at a location or spot near you. With Groupon Coupons, you're getting everything you love about Groupon, but with your favorite retailers. It's shopping...but funner! It has become one of my favorite resources now for online shopping. Anything that lets me look for deals quickly online, is free (no membership fees or any other fees to get the discount), and saves me money is a friend to me.

You can find coupons to stores like...
Lane Bryant

That is not even the tip of the savings iceberg! There are so many retailers with coupons to choose from. You can even look up coupons that are specific to your area. Oh, and did I mention there are discounts that are exclusive to Groupon Coupons? Yeah. Major perk! 

So when you go to Groupon Coupons, this is what you'll see....

home screen of what you will see

And then just let your fingers do the scrolling...

do you spot the Groupon exclusive??

Easy right? Before you shop, just remember to head over to Groupon Coupons first and check out the savings. There are 66,502 free coupons at 9,972 stores! That's my kind of shopping enabler.

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