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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Obsession: @SimplyGum

Car selfie with the gum. Still working
on my product poses.
A few weeks ago I was at the Vitamin Shoppe and at the cashier purchasing some items. I happened to look down at the "impulse buys" and got uber excited. Yes, uber. I saw Simply Gum. I discovered this brand, as I am discovering most brands, on IG and never came across them in stores. The cashier was also excited to be selling the brands as well, as he and I realized we share a love of all things organically and naturally good for you. Simply Gum is a brand that uses organic, non-gmo, and natural ingredients. Literally, just like 5 ingredients that you can pronounce and recognize. Regular gum, if you ever read the ingredients have chemicals and just a whole bunch of stuff you don't know how to pronounce or have no idea what it is. Little by little I am swapping out the regular and going for the healthier. I am tired of googling ingredients and being horrified. So when I find brands like Simply Gum, I get really excited. They only had the Ginger flavor (which you who know me know that I love Ginger) and I bought two packs, without even tasting. If I didn't like it, I was going to make myself like it because it just a better gum to chew. Well immediately after I left the store I opened it up and shook out some pieces and popped it in my mouth. I really liked it!!!! I will say the flavor doesn't last too long, but I am not the type to spit gum out once that happens. But Simply Gum is my new obsession. They have a ton of other flavors I am dying to try like Fenne Licorice (I know, off the beaten gum path right?), Mint, Cinnamon, Maple, and Coffee. They are all aspartame, BHT, and plastic they are also bio-degradable. Not to mention, I pay attention to branding details, and I LOVE their packaging, brand voice, and the creativity. 

Meet Simply Gum.
Notice the ingredients. That's it!

I love this! They give you
paper you can spit your gum
out of. You don't have to look
for any. Genius!
This is what the actual gum
looks like. You'll need more
than one. I popped like 2-3.

I just had to tell you about this gum. The price is like $2.99...but check your local stores for pricing. Or go to the Simply Gum site and you can order there or get a list of stores its sold at. 

If you try the gum, feel free to let me know what you thought about it. I'd love to know if I got you obsessed too.

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