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Thursday, February 23, 2017

NYFW: CAAFD Emerging Designer Showcase AW17

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Sumy Kujon AW17
**This is a guest post from Chanel of Nyeema Weekly. She covered the CAAFD Emerging Designer Showcase AW17 for The Fashionisette.**

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More looks from the Sumy Kujon AW17 collection
I was so excited I got to cover the CAAFD Emerging Designer Showcase AW17 for The Fashionisette on Valentine's Day. Fashion is my one-true love! The first designer to show was Peruvian designer Sumy Kujon. This collection was very unique and well designed...with a focus in cotton and wool materials from the scarves to the sweater-esque dresses. All the looks were paired with ankle rain boots (love a shoe focus), which made it more of a comfy, relaxed, yet formal collection. I saw it as dress down Friday...but not dressing down...well maybe more of a dress fabulous Friday in the office. One of my favorites to walk the runway is pictured above. This neutral colored trench coat dress is everything. I loved the flowy silhouette. It's a look that can be dressed down with an ankle rain boot and dressed up with great heeled shoe. Honestly, it's so pretty, I would wear it to work or just stroll down the street for it to be admired.

Next up was Chicca Lualdi. I love this collection for many reasons. She is very bold with the colors she puts together yet they are all so neutral. Her focus was evident, moderate designs with materials such as silk, satin, and wool, and textures mixed together. The style is very conservative yet stealing attention from the audience with its use of colors combined with pointy heels with the scrunched up high socks. I thought it was an excellent idea to put that together! It was creative, tailored, feminine, and muted, yet speaking loud and clear.

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Chicca Lualdi AW17

**Thanks Chanel for covering these shows!
Photo credit: Chanel Person**

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