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The Fashionisette [via Urban Dictionary]A girl who deeply enjoys fashion and looking good. She is intelligent, worldly, cosmopolitan, knowledgeable about the world, and is considerate of people around her.

The Fashionisette is a stylish online go-to spot for everything fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment. We provide everything for the chic twenty-to-fortysomething dolls and kens who want to know about fashion, style, brands, gadgets, celebrity news, events, and accessories to live a first-class life on a coach budget (with room for upgrades). The site reaches audiences and receives visits from all over the world including the U.S., U.K., Europe, China, and more! With close to 10k page views a month, The Fashionisette is gaining in popularity.

The Fashionisette, started in April 2010 by Jordanna, continues to grow and expand. Our readers, followers and subscribers value our picks, opinions, and news.

The Fashionisette
aka Jordanna S.
Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Bonjour dolls and kens! 

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I'm just a "ahem"-something NYC (technically Brooklyn) girl who loves fashion, shoes, comedy, romance and a glass of Moscato or Prosecco. My fashion bucket list includes 
buying a pair of Loubs retail, having a conversation with Anna Wintour, owning a Chanel quilted bag, rocking a Hervé Léger dress (with a snatched ponytail ofc) with my Loubs, and vacaying in Bora Bora. You can just call me the "black Carrie Bradshaw"...complete with the shoe love and relationship experiences. iAndroid and am definitely a PC. Femmepreneur. Chronic networker. Prefer TiVo vs. DVR. Believer in big-hair. I run on Starbucks...and when on a budget I keep calm and carry on with Dunkin Donuts. "Talk to me Harry Winston." I learned how to pose for pictures from Suze Yalof Schwartz (former E-A-L of Glamour). True story. If I am not at Marshall's (or TJ Maxx), HomeGoods, Talbots, NY& Co, Nordstrom Rack, and apparently back at Rainbow's, you can find me at DSW, or any other place that sells shoes. Remember, "nothing bad can ever happen to you at Tiffany's."